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Puerto Escondido, otherwise knows as the “hidden port” originally began as coffee shipping port, connecting the beautiful Oaxacan mountains to the vast pacific ocean. But overtime, it slowly distanced itself from coffee, and became known for its pristine beaches, ecstatic nightlife, and plethora of tourist attractions! Puerto has become one of the mecas of surfing, as it is home to Zicatela, otherwise known as the Mexican Pipeline! To those who know the place, it comes as no surprise. A formerly sleepy backwater, where Zicatela beach was discovered by surfers in the 60’s and 70’s, used to only be accessible by dirt roads on a 12 plus hour bus ride from Acapulco. Now there are direct flights daily from Mexico City on AeroMar, Viva AeroBus and InterJet or into Huatulco on Interjet or United/Continental Airlines. Easy and cheap car rental services make the exploration of the Oaxaca coastline a must do! With a booming real estate market aided by the new road construction that will connect Oaxaca City and Puebla to Puerto Escondido, reducing the drive time from 7 hours to only 3. Accessibility is no longer a problem! Everyone falls in love with the relaxed lifestyle, and if you decide to make living in Puerto Escondido a permanent choice – whether its oceanfront undeveloped land opportunities, or beautiful luxury ocean homes you seek, or maybe you want to buy a brand new get away villa that sits on an oceanfront lot perched on a cliff with all the top amenities, living costs in beautiful Puerto Escondido is less than almost any other place. Opportunity awaits at every corner! We hope to see you soon.

Real Estate

Our mission here at Playa Zicatela Real Estate is to search for opportunity! Whether it’s the opportunity to invest, to escape, or maybe even retire, Playa Zicatela Real Estate is the one stop shop for a successful transition into the Oaxacan beach front lifestyle! Ditch the stress, we will do the rest!

Bungalow oasis penthouse suite. Palapa roofing and a large open floor plan. A vacation paradise in Puerto Escondido.

Vacation Rentals

Take a break! You’ve earned it. And come on down to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Escondido. Whether you’re searching for a personal retreat, or a family vacation, Playa Zicatela Real Estate will set you up in style! With affordable rentals throughout the entire region, you can stress less about where you’re going to stay, and focus more on what you will be doing! Whether it be Whale watching at sunset, Sport fishing, Skydiving, or maybe even mountain ATV tours, let Playa Zicatela Real Estate bring you to the land of your dreams.

Design and Construct

So you found the piece of land of your dreams, now what?! Well, here comes the fun part! The design and build. Let the well versed Playa Zicatela Real Estate team work with you to create your estate, the right way! No hidden fees, no up-charges, no bullshit! With cheap labor costs, and extremely affordable building materials, sit back, relax, and watch as your dream home gets built in a cost-effective manner! An affordable and practical solution to design, build, and remodel.


Playa Zicatela Real Estate offer YOU an exclusive and priceless opportunity to own your little (or big) piece of the diamond! Hiding out, just 10 minutes south of the fastest growing real estate in Mexico, Puerto Escondido, the undeveloped Diamante neighborhood is locked and loaded with electricity and water, and is waiting to be built upon! Enjoy unobstructed, 360 degree views atop your very own hillside. Just minutes away from Tierra Blanca, a popular, and beautiful beachside bar and restaurant scene, this is the diamond in the sky! With limited plots of land still available, at an exceptionally low price, Diamante won’t wait for you! Come take a tour today!

An example of the beautiful natural landscapes of puerto escondido.

Discover Puerto Escondido Beauty

Embrace the incomparable and profound natural beauty in one of mainland Mexicos’ hidden gems! From whale season, to bird watching, to waterfalls, explore the dense and exciting activities this region of Oaxaca has to offer!

Upcoming events and celebrations!

From surf contests to world renowned Dj’s, check out the latest fun in Puerto Escondido!

Special Deals and Last-Minute Offers

Book an exclusive stay at a great price! Grab last-minute accommodations at some of Puerto Escondidos’ most beautiful resorts and hotels!

Bungalows Oasis

Exclusive pricing for the beautiful Bungalow Oasis Hotel!

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